Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thankful Thursday

1.  I am Thankful for Wanee.  We had a crazy night.  I picked Wayne up at the airport and took him to his mom's to see her cute, new red Subaru.  She is  teenager-excited about it.
 As we were walking out to the garage...Me, Wanee, Wayne....Wanee stepped odd on her landing.  Her heel was off of the step, she tried to find her balance, she turned to catch her self, Wayne reached out to right her, the next thing we knew she was falling backward down her basement steps.  She hit her head hard, slid then somersaulted to the bottom where she crash landed into the shelves with the jars of fruit.  It was a slow motion disaster.  She lay at the bottom of the stairs in a heap.  Wayne ran down to her aide.  She was bleeding out of the back of her head.  I got a towel so he could apply pressure.  I was screaming, should we call an ambulance...Wayne said yes...Wanee said no...we called an ambulance because it was her back.   The good news was she never lost consciousness, and she could wiggle her toes.  The Ambulance, Police, Firetruck and another emergency vehicle all paraded up the street, sirens blaring. 

 Holly ran to the neighbors home for refuge.  They loaded Wanee on a backboard and rushed her to Lakeview Hospital for help.  She got 12 stitches in her scalp... has some subdural bleeding and a fractured sacrum in the lower part of her back.  Her glasses are destroyed. She has a headache and is achey all over.  We are now praying for a speedy recovery since she has a cruise of a life time scheduled...her first one theNetherlands, Russia and beyond Aug 11th.  Yikes.   It was a crazy night.  I'm thankful Wanee isn't more broken and that she is in good spirits.  It was great to rally the family troops and feel the love and support found there.

2.  Thankful for Little Sophia.  
Landon and Alex have the kids for the next little while...and they are all getting used to family life together out in  Eagle Mountain.  I'm so grateful to be "grandparents" to Sophie and Andrew while we wait for more grandchildren to arrive some day..... We believe in families  anyway we can get it's an honor to be in these little cuties lives.  Sophia said the sweetest thing about Poppa Wayne.  Landon writes...."We were driving in the car with Sophia today and she had my phone.  She was watching a video of baby ChaCha saying 'Wayne.'  Sophia asked, why she calling my poppa just Wayne?  His name is Poppa Wayne.  She needs to know that he's my grandpa and his name is Poppa Wayne and he's my best friend."

3.  I'm thankful for my mom.  The Sharing Sheri event fell into place and now I am busy taking reservations and collecting money for the next while.   Landon sent me two videos of my mom's last words of wisdom that she shared on her birthday with her mission statement. I put them on my youtube channel.  It's so good to hear her voice.  I wonder when I will ever be able to hear her name and not feel a lump in my throat and a stinging behind my eyes?

4.  I'm thankful.

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