Thursday, December 6, 2012

Landon's Christmas memories

The most "famous" Christmas story is one that Addison and I share with most of our friends.  It is one that defines who he and I are as people.  Addison is the protector.  He has always been looking out for me, and I love that about him.  And I am not one to hide my thoughts or my feelings.  I will say and do exactly what I want and no one can stop me.   
I don't really know how old I was, probably only 3--( Christmas 1991.)  I Wanted a Minnie Mouse  and a Mermaid Barbie doll.  You know the one, the mermaid would get wet and her hair and fin would change color!! I knew that all I had to do was ask Santa and these things were in the bag!  
Christmas was approaching and I was constantly telling Addison that I wanted a Minnie Mouse and a Mermaid Barbie.  Addison was a "big kid" and he knew a thing or two about how kids treated each other.  Especially how a boy would get treated for asking for Minnie and mermaid.   He was worried!! 
The yearly visit with Santa was here!  I was ready.  Though, let's be honest, at this age I was not one for someone in a huge red suit and crazy beard and hair.  Characters freaked me out.  But I had to tell him about the Minnie and mermaid.   As my turn was nearing, Addison leaned in to me, put his hand up to my ear, and whispered.  "When you talk out loud to Santa say that you want a car but then you can ask for Minnie and the mermaid in your heart.  He will hear it."    
When Santa asked what I wanted for Christmas, I quietly (Because the man FREAKED ME OUT) said, "I want Minnie and a Mermaid Barbie"   
Addison was horrified!
My sweet brother!!  He has always looked out for me.  I love him for this.  And I love him for the fact that he lets me be who I want to be.   He and I, and our close group of friends, now tell each other to "ask for things in our hearts."

I remember having the "Good Girl and Boy" Gingerbread graham cracker house party!   How fun it was to get together with the cousins and candy and make a world out of sugar!
 There was the year that we came down the stairs and ran to our places on the couch where Santa had left presents.  We started looking at the cameras and creepy crawler ovens.  Dad had to stop us from our piles and have us turn around.  There was a golden brown dog!!!  We walked right by her.  Blondie-- our new cocker Spaniel kept the "little" boys, Truman and Monson trapped on the back of the couch for the rest of the day.  They were afraid of her.
I remember always having to be "THE ANGEL" in whichever nativity was going on.  No wise man, no shepherd, just the Angel.  He was my favorite!  Still is!   The other night at the Creche, there was an option to take a "nativity picture" and Addison said, "well, Landon wants to be the Angel!"   This is correct.  There was only one year that I switched to a King.  To be fair, I was offered a flowing gold robe and a glittery silver crown, You don't pass that up.  
   Ok, ok so maybe not ALWAYS an angel, one of the last Nativities that I participated in (since we have lots of kids in the family who can do it now)  was with Laila.  It was her  first one...and her hair was always so frizzy and HUGE!  I would fro it out and it was the best.  I put a towel on my head to be a shepherd, because she was my fluffy little lamb.  

I LOVE that all growing up on Christmas eve night we would gather together at Grandma Butters' house.  We got to see EVERYONE!   We would cram into her piano room and stand on the fireplace "stage" or in front of her tree to "perform"  Everyone had a talent and we would share those with each other.  I love that i was able to watch my parents share their talents, and hear my Momma sing.  It helped me and my siblings grow our talents by having a place to showcase them.  And It was heaven to be gathered together with all these loved ones.  I have strong relationships with many of them to this day.  
As we would drive the few blocks from her house to ours, Mom and Dad would go over what we needed to do to get ready for Santa.  us boys would be looking out the windows up at the sky....seeing if Rudolph was up there lighting Santa’s way to our house.  

I remember braving the cold to stand outside downtown and get a look at the beautiful windows at ZCMI.   They were always so cool!!  It is one Christmas thing that I really really miss.  The magical windows.   This was always paired with walking through temple square and seeing the lights, and then going up into the North Visitors Center and gathering around the Christus.  

There was the year that The Four Welch boys decided for the Christmas talent to perform as the 4 Cole Sisters in the Cole Collection.  All wearing old Cole collection outfits and wigs.  What a frightening sight!  Truman, looked so much like Liz.  The lip syncing and choreography however was impeccable.  

One year Addison and I came down stairs to find BIG boxes wrapped.  We opened the box to find another and then another and another and another.  And then off to New York we were going!!!  Such a fun way to get a gift.  A million boxes.  :-)

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