Friday, December 7, 2012

TGIF......Nativity 1979

Poulters and Coles put on a Nativity production on Grandma Butter's fireplace stage.  Christmas eve 1979.  Krystin as Narrator.  Krystin, Jenny and Paisley- Angels.  Levi as Joseph.  Angela as Mary.  Liz as a wiseman.  Marcie as a narrator.  Melinda as "the Star."    I probably did the casting.
   Every Christmas Eve was spent at my grandparents eating turkey, ham and hot rolls. We didn't know what cousins would be there but we could always count on the Poulters from Utah county. They were our favorites. We performed skits, songs, dances, jokes and the nativity. Everyone participated and we entertained each other for years. As we all got married and our numbers grew, we still gathered Christmas Eve to relive this with our own children doing the entertaining. Grandma Butters always loved a good show!

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