Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Welch Nativity

We had our Welch family party early in the month, this year, to fit everyone's schedules.  Our family nativity is always a highlight.   This year we had Shelbi as Mary holding new little neice Annalee as our baby Jesus.  Brady was Joseph. I was happy these big kids jumped in to fill the spots. Holly was our Angel, this is true in real life and  in the pageant.   We also had 3 shepherds -- Abby, Becca, Savannah;  2 sheep -- Hayley, Nash;  1 Wiseman on a Camel --Laila and Alex..... and a cowboy....Andrew Bentley.
Wayne was the narrator and Sandy kept us on track singing the appropriate hymns as we went along.
Shelbi and Lindsey were arguing over who gets to be Mary and hold little Annalee....Shelbi said, "I get to  because I'm a virgin.  It was funny.

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