Sunday, December 9, 2012

Locks of Love

Laila cut her hair off for Locks of Love donation.   She's been wanting to do this ever since Grandma Sheri lost all of her hair due to cancer.  Laila  knows there's a little child out there, with cancer, who would love a black hair wig.  She is probably right.  Once Laila makes up her mind about something, she is determined and there is no changing it.  Laila just kept thinking about some little cancer filled girl, and would get all teary just talking about it.   She needed to donate atleast 10 inches, it ended up being more like 14-- and now she has a darling a-line bob.  She looks very grown up.
She had Emilee Belnap cut it for her at Emilee’s salon.  Laila made an event out of it and invited her friend, Courtney, to hold her hand through it all.   We celebrated with Keva juice when it was all over.    Laila loves her short hair do!
I am so pleased with her and her generosity.  She is always thinking of others.

Another Laila story......I took her and Savannah Bentley shopping on Saturday.  I told them we would go to the Dollar store and they could spend a few bucks.  On the way there we passed a homeless guy with a sign on the corner..."Anything will help."  This made Laila sad.  She thought he looked so cold.  In All a dollar, she bought this man a pair of gloves and put the rest of her money inside the gloves and delivered them to him.  He greeted her  with a “Thank you…God Bless you and a Merry Christmas. “ We all felt very happy.  What a sweet, empathetic child she is.

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