Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas morning

 All the kids running down the stairs to burst through the wrapped living room....
Wayne video taping everything.....He's a good dad
Laila was thrilled when she unwrapped box after box and finally got down to a tiny box holding an ITOUCH 5!  She also got a ton of Keva gift cards, a book and a dvd.
I got a sweet Blanket, season tickets to Hale Centre, a weekend  in SLC with Wayne and slippers.  Wayne got a new car and a water softener system for the house.
I love this view taken from the stairs looking into the living room.  Christmas morning mess is a good mess.  You can see the wrapping paper on the sides of the doorway too.   Laila loves this new wrap the living room tradition.
Truman got a year gym pass to Gold's gym, Nikes, a Taylor Swift Iphone cover and a Michael Jackson wii dance game.  Landon got shoes, clothes and a Karaoke system....and a new car.
Add and Bre got a Blendtec, clothes, cd's and they are ready take off for Florida  Dec. 28th.

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