Monday, December 31, 2012

Top ten in 2012

Lying in bed this morning reminiscing with Wayne about our year.  It went by fast.  I know that's because I'm getting older and this past year represented only 1/50 of my life.  For Laila the year was a lot longer... 1/10 of her life.  I get it.  
We came up with our top ten for 2012....drum roll please.....these will all be written and said  with loud exclamation......
1.  Wayne and I celebrated our 50th birthdays with parties and Road Bikes!
2.  Green Smoothies  made it so we all eat healthier and Landon's headaches decreased considerably!
3.  3 New Cars in our driveway....Elantra, Genesis and Accent....all Hyundai's!
4.  England/Scotland trip to pick Truman up from his mission and see the Sharkeys!
5.  Truman came home from his Manchester mission....Monson went on his Michigan mission!
6.  Laila cut 14 inches off her hair and donated it to Locks of love!
7.  Family Orlando trip.....Disney World and Harry Potter Land!
8.  Mom still moving through her cancer  and chemo.......(booo Cancer....... no excitement here.)
9.  Add and Bre graduated  from college and are off to work in Disney World!
10.  Started my Art dream of painting and creating!

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Si said...

That is the best family photo of everyone. Love the 2012 recap.