Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Lists

We always do Christmas lists at our house.  
We divide the list  into 3 categories:  Needs, Wants and Dreams.  
This year as Truman was filling his out he said, "Wow... I don't have any needs...that's pretty amazing."  It is amazing. 
 So many people need just the basics:  food, shelter....warm gloves, coats, blankets.  
We are very blessed.  
I like the dreams category because I get to see what my kids wishes are....a family cruise, Disney World, straight white teeth, All the money.....all excellent dreams.
Laila really got into it this year and made one before I could even get the "3 category list" to her.   She left detailed instructions for me and anyone else interested in getting her a present.  

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Erin Blake said...

whoa she's got some big dreams. Those big dreams add up to some greenbacks for the parents. Also, 16. After 16, she wants to go on a cruise. Good luck with all of those!! If anyone can make her dreams come true, you can!