Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sister's recap

Our Annual Sister's Trip was short, sweet and different this year.  
We never got a condo at Park City, and with my mom and dad's health issues, we felt it best to keep close to home.  
 IT was still good to be together. 
 Making family a priority is so necessary in our world.  
We had all of the girls in the family join in this year.   Everyone made it but Bre...she was busy with Xanadu rehearsals and being on roller skates till her feet were burning.
We started off with Breakfast at Kneaders and a trip to Angela's house to see her new hairless puppy, Oreo.    Then off to a store, where mom slipped and fell and cracked her rib.  That's right.  I didn't get a picture of that....... She is a trouper though and just kept moving forward with tylenol and lifting her arm up as we walked around to get some relief.  IT was comical.  All of the store clerks thought she had a question.

We took a break in the late afternoon for the BHS football playoff game to watch Hayden.  We have had many sister's trips where we have a football game as part of our festivities.  
Crazy Cole Girls all squished in the back seat.
Joy Luck and the round table was the perfect dinner.  Then to Mom's for cards and talking.  The next morning we went to Park City Outlets.  We walked and shopped til our feet fell off.  We had our usual Baja Cantina Mexican meal at the ski resort.  Mmmmm good.

We have been doing a version of this trip for 23 years.  That is a wild thought.  That means our first trip was when my mom was 49 years old....that's how old I am now.
I know sister's trips will continue to evolve over the years.  I am just glad we have this tradition.


Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

How fun! I hope I have daughters some day who would want to have a tradition like this with me. xoxo

Si said...

blessed, blessed, blessed.