Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday 5 fave..... cookies

Oh man, I love to EAT!
Cookies is this week's category and after much soul searching and sugar craving, I have opted for the following five.  I know a lot of what l like about these cookies are the memories involved, but I think that's half of the joy of eating.

Oatmeal Raisin-- This is one of Wayne's favorite cookies also.  When I want him to feel pampered, I make these.  None of our kids like raisins, so these cookies are just for Wayne, and me of course.  I love Grandma Butters recipe the best, no spices to mess it up...just a pure butter flavor.  She would make it with ground up raisins, so they were littered through out. I have a clear memory of  being a child, standing in her  swimming pool with chlorine water running down my face, munching on a warm oatmeal raisin cookie.  Delish.

Ginger Cream--I  rhapsodized about this cookie when we made it for Addison's wedding.  These are the softest ginger bread with a brown butter frosting.  My Grandma  Butters wanted to die with this cookie on her lips, almonds and strawberries clutched in one hand and a "sweet Aloha" ( diet Pepsi)-- in the other.  I I love this memory and the time I spent in Grandma Butter's kitchen learning all of the "tricks" to make this cookie just perfect.

German Chocolate Cookie-- Parson's Bakery makes this the best.  Think chocolate cookie with German chocolate nuts and coconut mixture on top...and a bit of extra chocolate frosting just to make sure you know it's really chocolatey.  I first had this at a speech and debate tournament 25 years ago, in the coach's room.  They must have been my fellow debate coach, Mr. B's fave as well, because he always got this cookie as a special treat for us.

Sugar Cookie with buttercream frosting or dipped in chocolate and on a stick-- I really like a good soft, sugar cookie with frosting.  I have a couple of recipes I like, including a pan cookie of Si Fosters.  My Sister Marcie always makes heart shaped sugar cookies on a stick for Valentines.  She dips them in chocolate and decorates them all up darling.  We look forward to and fight over  this sweet treat of love every year.  The  chocolate coating softens up the cookie and it's just mmmmmmm....goood.

Shortbread-- My Mom and Sister Liz have perfected this little button shaped cookie filled with butter and sugar.  Butter and sugar, the two best ingredients in the world!!!  Shortbreads  remind me of the Holidays and family.  These keep really well in a tin, so I can have melt in my mouth goodness for weeks.

Chocolate Chip --I couldn't leave this cookie out.  When this is made with a butter recipe and is loaded with semi sweet chips, and cooked in a convection oven, I am in my  bliss.  Si makes and takes these to Young Women's every time she teaches, and I WISH I was a Laurel again.  Mmmmmm.... I also like these cookies  with ice cream sandwiched in between.


Frieda Loves Bread said...

Hi Melinda ~ it was great to meet you at the roll class! You've got a good lineup of cookies here...I agree with you on the classic sugar cookie and chocolate chip. Great memories come with great cookies, don't they? I'd love to try a German chocolate cookie...sounds like you could teach a cookie class!

Si said...

Oh wow! What have you done to this blog?? So fun. I like all of the diff options, except the writing keeps moving, which makes it hard for my almost 50 eyes to focus. Love seeing all fo the pics on one page!!
So many cookies, so little time. I love those Ginger Cream cookies. YUM.

Melanie said...

Yes your new outline has confused me, but I think I figured it out. I don't think I have ever met a homemade cookie I didn't like!