Sunday, October 23, 2011

Insane Asylum Party

How to Host an Insane Asylum party
........First you have to be a little bit crazy yourself.  It helps having Wayne out of town for 11 days...........I am going insane!!!
2.  Invite a fun group of people  patients who are wanting some fun.  We had Liz Corona, Sean Biship. Shelby Anderson, Alex and Mickey Larsen with baby Charlotte....all are WSU friends of Addison, Bre and Landon.  Costumes and Makeup were optional.

3.  Have a Scream-a thon.........who can scream the loudest...or quietest.
4.  Capture all of the amazing scream faces on film.  Video tape another face game--- 5 seconds of grimacing then a sound.  We Laughed our GUTS out....literally!

Even Baby Charlotte got into the action.

4.   Get a toilet bowl for your punch bowl!   Fill with lemonade.    "Urine for a tasty treat!"  This is totally going for the gross factor.  (New Toilet bowls are only 25 bucks....who knew?)
"It's potty time.  Drink up!"
5.  Eat Mr. BODY for dinner.  Really just a baked potato bar, but the presentation and spiders and gummy worms spread throughout  add to the creep factor.

6.  Have crazy utensils to eat with.  Not a normal sized fork, spoon or knife insight.  We had spatulas, potato mashers, fondue spears, whisks, ice cream scoops.....  It was INSANE!

7.  After a fun filled game of Celebrity Charades.... a Dessert of Blood and Guts was devoured by all!  (Really just Raspberry and White Chocolate trifle made by  Gma Sheri  who wanted to call it mushy brains with tumors.....)
8.  Take Crime Scene pics around the house....Asylum.   "How did she/he die?"
Death by Stairs....
Death by Baking....
Death by Crazy Jack o Lantern.
9.  Top the evening off with an old Suspense-filled movie.......Goldie Hahn in Deceived.  We had many screams before the night was through.


Kimi said...

Why/how are you so creative? That looks so fun! Best ideas EVER! This goes down as "Best Party I Was Never Invited To." Thanks for sharing...might have to copy a lil bit.

Ver word: nonfert

What I will be calling non-fat yogurt from now on.

Laur said...

It kills me how creative you are (no pun intended). You should put these ideas on Pinterest. They are soo great!