Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Call me Sheri...

My mom  loves to feed people, and she loves parties.
 What began as a small family night before thanksgiving Pie Party  has turned into a huge, "now, who are you?"  event  years later.  We knew it was totally out of control, when on the  night of the annual Pie Party extravaganza, we were choosing between 20 different kinds of pie, for our "One-of-each" plate and the Schwann's delivery man was filling up his plate as well.
He was making a delivery, and as any good hostess would, my mom invited him in for  pie.
We've had a standard family joke about my mother and this event for many years.

Well last night I pulled a Sheri.

As I was fixing vegetable chili and hot homemade rolls to feed Wayne as his welcome home meal,  (He's been in China for 11 LONG days), our doorbell rang.  I looked out and told Wayne it was a utility guy.  Well it was the Comcast-Xfinity  guy who was in our area and was seeing if any of the comcast houses wanted to update their service.  Wayne invited him in, listened to his bundle shpeeel and said yes. What we thought would be a quick telephone call fix, turned into an hour long process.  Dinner was on the table and Laila was starving, so I off handedly asked, "Hey, do you want to stay for  dinner?"
He looked surprised, and said, "Yes."
Now I was surprised.  
I thought for sure he would laugh and say thanks, but no thanks. But it was all good
I quickly added another place setting and he joined Wayne, Laila and I at the counter.
It was ok......a bit awkward, but Ok.
Landon came home a few minutes later and the look on his face was priceless as I announced,  "Oh Landon, just in time.  We are having dinner with the Comcast guy."  I couldn't remember his name, still can't.
He and Wayne chatted about the gospel and missions,  families and business books he's been reading.
Then he cleared his plate.
Wayne signed the agreement.
Laila giggled.
And the Comcast guy left.

Call me Sheri.

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