Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct Goal: Creativity

What a week and what a month!  September soared by, but we "gathered" a lot, so I feel I atleast touched my goal. 
 Goal for October. To be more Artistic.  I am ready to unleash my creativity in many different ways.  Painting, crafting, mix media class, parties, costumes,  Blog look, Halloween.  
Other News:  Laila informed my Dad-- her Grandpa Lye-- that he isn't that old. " Just remember how Old Noah was when he built the Ark!"  This didn't necessarily make my dad feel better.
I raced up to Park City to  sing the National Anthem  and "I am Proud to Be an American"  last Wednesday.  It was for the Hospital Volunteers Organization of Utah.  Many older volunteer type people filled the grand ballroom at the Marriott Hotel.  I seriously, ridiculously forgot all about this until it popped up on my computer screen with  a 15 minute advance notice.  Talk about frantic.  I had no music.  I hadn't practiced.  It hadn't crossed my mind. Good thing I had showered and dressed for the day or my franntic could have turned into an "I am sick, and I can't sing" experience.  As it was, I flew out of my house, missed the I-80 exchange, which added to my hectic, drove like a crazy person until my mom called me and said the event wasn't going to start til 4.  This helped me breathe easier.  I showed up, like I had prepared all along.  Sang acapella  like I had planned to all along.  And drove back down the mountain.  The other upshot is.. I forgot all of my mom-after-school-driving responsibilities.  Oh well...Laila was ticked, Dallas was left...and I get a second chance to make this right, this Wednesday.
I am enjoying thinking about and making my Friday Fave 5's........... Some lists are more difficult to whittle down than others, but it's a pretty good experience to put myself through each week.  I am going to try and do it til the end of the year.

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