Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Fun

We had a fun filled Fourth!
Friday night we went up the Rigby's annual  July 4th potluck and county music shindig.
Desserts waiting in the bunk house to be brought out and shared.

Laila loved the horses, til she rubbed her eyes and she was allergic.. 
Landon, Monson and Wayne listening to the patriotic progam
Laila getting set for the mechanical bull ride.
Mons, Me, Lail, Laura and Landon listening to the Charlie Jenkins band.
ON Sunday we headed down south to have a sleepover at Zac and Becky's.  We shared stories, ate chips and salsa and spent the night all in one bedroom.  Wayne and I in the bed, Monson on the floor and Landon and Laila in the princess bunk bed.  It was a snoring/ breathing festival.  We were ready for a pool party at Mike and Krystin Morley's on Monday!

cousins talk and swim....Monson, Becca, Jenna, Bre, Landon, Rachel, Meg, Nelson and Hayden
Preston's 8th scone.....
Mom, Marcie, Becky and I pulled 300 scones.  Everyone could have as  many as they wanted.  What a fun treat to share.  Mom is the scone queen!

 Krystin kept saying she was getting scones for the kids, but we know she was probably sneaking around the corner and stuffing her mouth full!
Landon and Bre compare hair lengths.  I think Landon won!  Adam in the background, trying not to cry while he kept thinking about the "Proud to Be An American" lyrics....it was a tuff day for him...

 Lindsey and James came down to spend the day.  They were celebrating their 1 month anniversary
So many mouths to feed.  Wayne, Mike and Holland cooked up 160 burgers and 42 foot longs.
 Addison with Aunt Lynnette and Uncle Lynn
Dad with  cousin Gunnar.  They have always been pals.

We headed back to Wanee's home, 4th of July eve, for a Welch family BBQ..... the cousins played red rover, the adults shared teenage memories and then we all did gutter fireworks!
Nash, Alex, Abby, Savannah, Hunter, Becca
Laila, Holly, Anna, Hayley
swingers..........Double swingers...........Becca and Laila.   

 I love AMERICA!
  I kind of got nostalgic, sitting by Wanee and watching the kids run back and forth with their fire sticks.  We have been doing this sooo long, and I was missing Wayne's Dad...Tom.
 I love July...so many things to celebrate and look forward to:  Our Country's birthday, Landon's birthday, My birthday, Bear Lake Reunion, 24th of July Pioneer celebration..............Yep, Summer is GREAT!


Si said...

That pool is crazy!!!
word veri: gutrumpt

Jill said...

What a fun weekend! I would love a pool like that. I love how tan Landon is next to all the the white cousins.

Anonymous said...

I'm always the tan one :-) Hehe...
my face during the patriotic thing looks disgusted--i promise i wasn't... just a bad moment captured on camera. I LOVE july