Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3 Hearts.........art class

A woman has three hearts, one she shares with the world, one she shares with her family and one she shares only with herself.
Chinese Proverb......
I have started an online art class.  I am  learning about mixed media collage and art journaling.

I am really excited to do this.  

I used to do paper/picture/sticker  scrapbooks.  I loved getting together with like minded women and scrapping and chatting and eating and laughing and talking about memories that the different photos would evoke.  It was like monthly therapy.  I  have 15 books  on my office shelves as a testament to my cropping legacy.

I haven't done that for 3 years now.  I do every book  digitally now.  It's quick, but not nearly as satisfying artistically or socially.

I need a creative outlet and this online art class seems to fit.

The theme is the Chinese proverb about three hearts.

I am beginning with the heart that I show and share with the world. 
 I need some help. 
How is this "Melinda" different from my "family Melinda" or "personal Melinda"?   
What are words or events that you would use to describe me?
I would really appreciate your help  with my budding artistry.

You can leave a comment, or email me
And maybe one day I will share my art work with all of you...............


Carolyn Black said...

Exuberant! Entertaining! Enthusiastic! Exciting! Energetic! I guess all I can think of are "E" words.

Si said...

Carolyn forgot Efficient.
Hmmm. lets see. you have a tender heart. You care about people. you are easily moved to tears, this is why I always have to keep kleenex in my purse on Sunday.
You have a deep testimony of Jesus Christ. You are a believer, a supporter of your children and Wayne. You love to have fun. Fun is your middle name. Fun and creative. Oh did I mention talented too?? You are animated. Love to play games. You are game for almost anything, anytime. you love movies, lunch shopping but also walking, talking, and the temple.
You are a loyal and devoted mother, sister, daughter, friend and wife. Wow. This makes you sound like a SAINT.
It's all true.