Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scotland Royal Wedding

Our dear friends, heck might as well be family, George and Eileen Sharkey at their daughter, Karen's wedding to Liam Brodie in Scotland, on Friday.  
George totally rocks the gray kilt....he has lovely knees..... and Eileen is stunning with a hat that rivals any and all of the Royals.

George and Karen.  SO happy for all of them!!!  Can't wait to get the stories from Eileen.  I can hear them already spoken with Eileen's lilting Scottish brogue.  Ahhh..........we all wish we could have been there in person.

P.S.   Bre got to try on Eileen's hatinator  and hear all of the wedding plans while she and Addison were visiting the Sharkeys in May.  She looks like Eliza Doolittle.  Love it.

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bre and add said...

hahah! I need to send you the picture of me wearing that hat now!