Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July goals!!!

June we worked on work...
I think we were moderately successful in instilling the " we work so we can play" attitude.
Laila's job charts kept her going and Monson did anything I asked of him, including staining the big swing set/[playground  in almost 100 degree weather.
I didn't tackle any of the closets that I considered tackling.  Oh well.. they aren't going anywhere.

I have been thinking about my July goal for quite some time.  I want to work on being more active.... hiking, walking, biking, exercise.... all good.  Amp it up!

I am looking back at my last 6 days though and I haven't done so well.  We partied on the 4th weekend with not much action. I don't think sitting in a pool talking, or standing in a kitchen and pulling 300 scones, or attending teacher meetings can count as amping up activity.
So I have 25 more days to make this happen.
I am going to do "something" everyday!!!!


Lauren said...

LOVE THIS. I am so doing this monthly goal thing next year

Kimi said...

Call me when you go! I need to get moving too!