Thursday, July 7, 2011

Landon 23

In honor of Landon's 23rd birthday............which we are celebrating today by I-flying in Ogden (a sky diving simulator) .............

I was looking in his baby scrapbook and found some funny things that he said when he was 3.

"Do you know those fat things on girls we call boobs....well Jesus calls them breasts."

While being carried out of sacrament meeting for misbehaving, "I  know.  I'm just sick about myself!"

While saying his prayers, "...and thanks for the whole world, even on the top and on the bottom and all around."

I wonder what he will say when he is 23 that will be cute?  He has always brought a smile to my face!
Wayne, Money, Add, Lando, Becca, Laila and Melinda at Salt City  Burger for Birthday Dinner


Rachelle said...

those are some pretty funny one liners, I can't wait to hear what my 3 year old has to say. Happy birthday to Landon!

bre and add said...

ahhhhahahahhah! I can't believe he said the boob one :) ahh that Landy. I'm sad I couldn't make it to birthday dinner-that's okay-we'll have plenty of dinners together this week!