Friday, July 29, 2011

Have you ever?

There is a funny party game called , "Would you rather?" It is filled with difficult, painful and gross choices. 
 "Would you rather have no neck or no knees?"
  "Would you rather eat an entire boa constrictor or make out with a bunny?"
"Would you rather be electrocuted or sit in your car, in stand still traffic, after eating 2 bran muffins and drinking 64 oz of Mt.Dew?
 You get the idea.  
The girls at camp...LOOOOVVE it. 

I came up with a new version........
"Have you ever?"   
The following may or may not be true ...........

Have you ever walked down to Wingers from your home, had lunch and walked back?

Have you ever left the burner on your gas stove on for 2 days?

Have you ever eaten alone at a restaurant?

Have you ever cried during gutter fireworks?

Have you ever fallen asleep while riding on the back of a motorcycle?

Have you ever sluffed an important meeting?

Have you ever been driving home and your daughter says, "I feel like a swiss roll" so you just pull into Dicks and buy them for her, much to her amazement?

Have you ever eaten a 1/2 gallon of ice cream in one sitting?

Have you ever been to a movie by your self?

Have you ever faked sick as an adult?

Have you ever read a book for an entire day?

Have you ever been to five LDS temples in one day?

Well............have you?


Lesley said...

I have been to a movie and a restaurant by myself... and I'm pretty sure I've spent an entire day reading. I'd love to do that now, but I'm incapable of staying awake for very long when I read.

Si said...

Winger, YES. Ha. That was fun.
Restaurant. YES.
Sluffed. yes.
What is a Swiss Roll? ?
Movie, no, but almost last month, I wanted to see HP, and no one else could go with me :( but I thought it would be too weird to go alone.
book, yes. This is why I no longer read. No self control.

Kimi said...

I can't remember the questions long enough to answer them. But mostly yes.

Ver word: ruslys
Usage: I'm feeling a little ruslys after sitting in the hospital for hours at a time, 3 days in a row.