Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bear Lake's Top 10

1.  Doing the Cole/ Butters ancestor trivia game.  Mom and Dad made up questions and the grandkids tried to answer. If they weren't successful then we, children, got a chance.  It ended up being a great story telling time and we learned some new things about our parents and grandparents along the way.

2.  Tubing with Laila.  She laughs and tells stories and talks your ear off.  It was a birthday gift that she gave to me.  I am glad I cashed in on this experience.

3.  Wave Runners... the boys love them and Laila got to drive a wave runner by herself this year.

4.  Walking to LeBeaus for shakes and fries......Wayne and I walked and everyone else drove in for the feast.

5.  Climbing the coconut trees and mini golf

6.  Being in 3 condos.  Enough beds for all and room to spread out.

7.  Playing SCUM  card games on the beach and late at night.  Monson was the KING most of the time.

8.  Singing with Adam and Monson as they played the guitar after dinner.

9.  Having Gma Sheri and Gpa Lyle reward Laila and Preston with ice cream cones for digging a hole and then filling it in.  (They were finding ice cream reasons at the drop of a hat.)

10.  Watching Wayne water ski.  He acted like he was young and not dizzy for about 10 minutes.  It was awesome to watch him cut across the wake and ski like a wild man.  I am so sad I don't have pictures of this.

BONUS:  Family Tree picture.  We added Bre this year.  Yeah!  We are missing Truman and Lindsey.

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Cengiz 2.1 said...

looks like so much fun.

my favorite thing on this post is the picture after #3.... monson's face looking at addison. love it :)