Sunday, July 3, 2011

20 Years!

This has been our  home for the past 20 years.
Real Estate pic... 1991
We moved in when Truman was almost 6 months old, over the 4th of July weekend.
We were busy unpacking over Landon's 3rd birthday.
  I don't have ANY pics of this time.
This fact  made me so sad that when I was I used to with paper and stickers, I created a birthday party page for Landon.  I didn't want him to think any of his birthdays were ever forgotten...but this is now a legendary move of mine with my scrapbooking friends.  They like to remind me and tease me about it.  SO much so, that Landon also knows that his 3rd birthday was passed over and really the only celebration is in his baby book.
That's my sister, Angela holding baby T--we will discuss Landon's dressing habits at another time.
We have lived in this neighborhood for 20 years. That seems amazing to me.  It's the longest I have lived anywhere.  

This neighborhood has changed very little.  Neighbors have basically stayed the same--The Allsops, Barnes, Montgomerys and Orchards; we have all grown older together and watched children grow up and leave.
 Only our neighbor to the West  has moved out.........thank goodness...and the wonderful Salcedos moved in.
The old  neighbors only tolerated us and never really liked our boys and actually called the police on them because they were making too much noise one evening jumping on our back yard trampoline, bothering their "ubba" dog.   All of this  noise prior to 9 in the evening.  We got a knock on our front door.  The nice policeman explained that the neighbors  thought we were "out of control".............and I lost it.   I told the Police who was really out of control.........and it wasn't my boys.  I let him know who he should be arresting for cutting down our trees while we were out of town, and putting a note in our mail box explaining that our west fence blew down in their yard and we better replace it.... What?  We don't have a pool....they do.....the fence is their responsibility...... You get the gist of my rant.   The policeman did not.   Anyway...The officer backed up and was grabbing  for his gun to settle down this hysterical momma bear, when my Wayne stepped in to cool off the situation.
                                     Another legendary moment.

Oh, and why did we call it the "ubba" dog?  Because it was a little chihuahua without a voice it couldn't bark, it could only ubba.

We spent our first 2 years of married life, living in my dad's apartments on 5th south in Bountiful.  Then we loved living in West Bountiful for 6 years.  We made many wonderful friends that we keep in touch with through Christmas cards and wedding and graduation announcements..the Wangsgaards, Legers, Salstroms, Bazas, Johnsons, Websters were our ward neighbors then.....but we moved when Addison was 5 and the boys don't remember much.
West Bountiful home
We have made some good decisions and some poor decisions through our 28 years of married life.  Moving to our 915 East 1500 South home ranks as one of the best!
Our home today--pic taken July 2, 2011

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Lesley said...

I must hear more about the policeman story... I don't remember you telling it at recipe club. 1991 was a significant summer for us too. I'm just so grateful for all the memories we share and more to look forward too. We love the Welches!!