Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monson's Choir Trip 2011

The BHS Choir went to Seattle and Victoria, British Columbia during spring break.  We had a glorious time with great weather.  It was fun for me to share this experience with my Monson...and my BFF Laura.    This is my 7th choir trip in the past 8 years.  I have enjoyed them all...and I have even figured out how to survive hours and hours on a bus without my knees "screaming" at me.
Heading out on a "U" bus....Monson loved that.  It was cold in Utah...but Spring in Seattle and in Canada!

Choir ate at Bucca DiBeppo with the crazy Italian motif...
University of WASHINGTON workshop with Choir was more like therapy.  THe blossoming trees were amazing.

Seattle Temple....with the Angel " Moronee" on top....that's what the tour guide called it.
Cathedral singing at St. was big and beautiful and the sound was glorious

The View from the Space Needle was fabo....we watched the sunset.

Butchart Gardens in the spring with bulbs a blooming...and a surprise waterfall just around the bend.
Safeco Field was the real star of the night...the Mariners lost 14 to 1

Sining at St. Mary's cathedral.....great reverb.  I love watching my smiling son sing.

Team Canada jackets for the chaperones....we teased that we were on the olympic curling team.  No one believed it.  Lisa, Laura and I had a blast though.
Tilicum island with fresh salmon and a native american show.

Victoria--- Parliament building in British Columbia.   The kids sing on the steps and draw a crowd.

Music Project museum's Guitar Tornado sculpture, Parliament bldg at night...and the famous Nanaimo bar- a coconut and chocolate treat.

Singing on the Whirligig stage..."Lord I know I've been Changed"  "Nelly Bly"  "Every time I feel the Spirit"


Kimi said...

So far I've counted 3 matching jackets!

Twins much?

Si said...

Looks like fun! The tour guide, does that mean Rexy didn't go?? Love the jackets. Love Seattle :)

Melwel said...

Laura and I collect jackets from old choir trips..then bring them out and wear them again on the new one.

I know...we are weird

Melanie said...

Soooooo fun! You are the funnest.