Tuesday, April 12, 2011

conversations, questions and comments

Laila:  I have been laying off the caffeine.  I haven't had a Dr. Pepper  for 3 months now...it's really helping my immune system.
Laila:  You have to get a job and work before you can play xbox...just like you have to eat your dinner before you can have dessert.
Laila:  ( Burp--)  That was just a Burp.  A Belch comes from your core.
Monson:  You are so weird.  Why is she so weird?
Wayne:  You need to atleast hide the cinnamon bears so it's a challenge for me to find them and I might burn off a few calories.
Me:  Okay...turn your head and I'll hide them.  ( As I stuff three in my mouth)
Wayne:  Maybe you should let me hide them...that way you won't know where they are and I'll forget where I put them.

Life at the Welch house.................


Si said...

Now That made me laugh. All of the convo's.

Landon said...

Momma!! That picture on the top of your blog is AMAZING I love it. So pretty--just like you.

Kimi said...

This post made me so happy!

I love your family!

"...comes from your core..." Priceless!

Melanie said...

Ha Ha Ha. I loved all of them. My favorite it the cinnamon bears. I can imagine you stuffing them in your mouth!

Cami said...

Brilliant! All I can say is Brilliant!