Monday, April 18, 2011

Monson- Eagle Scout

My Monson received his Eagle Scout on Sunday.  It was great to be together and honor him.  
Monson presented his scout mentor pin to Eric Belnap

The sibs...Bre, Add, Mons, Lan, Lindz, Lai
 I tease that out of my 4 boys I have 2 Eagles and 2 Turkeys.......but I love them all the same.  My Turkeys did everything in the scouting program except their projects.  My Eagles did everything...and then were pestered so much, that with only days before their 18th birthdays, they finally finished their projects..    

As anyone will tell you .... I don't really like the whole scouting program.  I look forward to the day when the boys just do Duty to God..and there is no more scouting- merit badge - sitting in the Eagle's nest pressure.  
 I am proud of Monson for his follow through on this though.  Wayne was able to give Monson the "Eagle Charge."   I was able to share a few thoughts about my boy at the Court of Honor.
Monson with buddies..Jordan Bell, Morgan Willis and Jordan Parkinson
My talk:  When Monson was born, we took one look at this mischievous, smiley, red headed baby and knew we had our hands full.  4 boys will do that to you.  So we gave it some thought and, we  named him  after our prophet,  Thomas. S. Monson.  We hoped the name would serve him well through out his lifetime…..and be one that  he would want to honor.
Monson has had many other names………… 

When Monson was 3 he said his name was “Monson Cole Welch, Popsicle Boy Allsop.”  He spent many days sneaking into the popsicles at Jill Allsop’s freezer.

We called him Monster…..Brother Belnap still does.  Monson lived up to this, because he would growl, and tackle any one.  He is in our  family  folk lore for being a 1st grader and taking down a 3rd grader who was picking on Truman…Monson told the kid to “kiss the dirt.”   It was a proud brother moment.  He still likes to tackle—in football…..and growl at me when I ask him to pick up his room.

Another nickname Monson has is Money.  This was given to him by his little league coach, Russ Swanson.  It’s because Money…is the go to guy.  He is the money.  He will bring in the money…he will make the money play.  Monson loves athletics—he has played basketball, baseball, soccer,  wrestling……and especially loves football .  He loved taking the championship in 8th grade.. and he loved playing in the semi finals for football this past fall at Rice Eccles Stadium.  It was great to hear the announcer at BHS say….”Tackle made by Monson, Money Welch!”  He is off to Dixie to play down there, this fall…..and when he returns from his mission.  Monson is very competitive…..when he wants to be.   But….if he’s not going to be the winner…then he doesn’t even want to try…why be 2nd, he might as well be last.   

Another name that we give to Monson is White…he is a White personality, this is from the Color Code. He is the most like his father…This means he is silently stubborn, easy going, not too opinionated, empathetic, wants peace, loyal, a good listener.  All things that Monson is.

Monson is also called…Baby.  His brothers affectionately call him this, because he is the youngest  brother, but ironically…he could take them down at any point…not a baby at all.   

A name that I hope Monson takes on in the future is  Elder…as he becomes a missionary for our church.   He will be on a mission next time this year….to Idaho?      

The  most important name he can take on himself is Christ.  The scriptures tell us in Mosiah 5:8   “There is no other name given
whereby salvation cometh; therefore, I would that ye should take
upon you the name of Christ, all you that have entered into the
covenant with God that ye should be obedient unto the end of your
It’s been good to see Monson grow in his church callings, and leadership positions.  He magnifies and lifts.  He serves without complaint…why just today he had a 7:30 BYC meeting, 9- noon church, 2:00 ward choir practice, 5:00 Court of Honor and 8:00 mission prep meeting.  He is learning to work in the Lord’s kingdom.  As he does this, he will  continue to learn to be more and more like Christ and take on his name.

Tonight…we honor Monson with another name—he’s an Eagle.  This signifies  his commitment to service and  shows he is obedient to his father and  his leaders.  Monson is an Eagle Scout. 

I love you Monson… no matter what name you go by, I have your name written on my heart.

Melinda, G-pa Lyle, Monson, G-ma Sheri, G-ma Welch, Wayne


Si said...

Now that was one beautiful tribute to your sweet son. love Mons.

Melanie said...

Ahhhh that was darling. I loves Monson.

Lesley said...

Congrats to Monson! I have only one eagle, and it's Mike. Very tender post.