Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Goal

I love the picture I am using for my  April  Blog Header.  Wayne took this picture almost 4 years ago on our family vacation to Hawaii.  The Sunsets  there were glorious.    I love the Sunsets in Bountiful too.  Sunsets have got to be one of my favorite things in nature.  It's the Lord reminding me to think heavenly thoughts.  

My March goal of being delightful was.............. good....
Being Delightful is really about choosing a positive attitude and keeping it even when things aren't so great. 
 It's always good to have some over riding thought/goal  to think about as I'm laying in bed going over my day. 
 "Was I successful?  Do I need to try harder?"  

Jan--  a health/weight goal
Feb--  28 days of Nice goal
March -- Delightful positive attitude goal
April's going to be a spiritual one. 
 This entails................
 Going to go to the temple more.
Feasting on Conference
Scripture study
Doing my church calling better
Consistent Morning and evening prayer...
I am excited about APRIL!!!

"Fear Not.  Be of Good Cheer. The Future is as Bright as Your Faith."  Pres. Monson

(Laila piped up during conference, "It's so great that our prophet has 3 first names, "Thomas, Spencer and Monson."  )

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Bre said...

Addison would like you to know that he thinks he took that sunset picture....hmmm. Hey! This will be an awesome goal! I can't wait for conference tomorrow!