Friday, April 22, 2011

Signs of Spring

Spring is finally here!!!!
 I love driving around town seeing the blossoming trees, and many shades of green.  
I awoke to birds singing out my bedroom window the other morning... at 5:30......
Note to self:  get new windows.
I'm  dreaming of pedicures.
Sandals are on sale!
I love kicking Laila and her friends outside to play.
There are baseball sounds coming from the fields by my house.
Reese's Peanut Butter  eggs and Cadbury eggs are calling my name.
My calendar is filling up with spring sports and end of year recitals and school activities.
Spring is in the air!
With these thoughts filtering through my head, I knew it  was time for a really good shave.....  after all, I need to be able to wear shorter skirts, capris and sandals..... so I bought a new shaver.... a new blade after shaving or not shaving with the old one all winter.
The results:
7 Bandaids later...............I am ready!

I love the bloody signs of spring.  (Good thing I'm not British)


erin noelle said...

ha ha!

Laur said...

hahahahaha. I love this. I was going to wear shorts today, but decided not to, on the basis, that I haven't shaved... in... forever

Lesley said...

I'm British... I know what you said :-)

Kimi said...

It's the price you pay for those skinny legs! A bony shin!

Ver word: bractish

Usage: You really do need to bractish shaving your legsh.