Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Our EGG-stravaganza family night was Egg-cellent!
The grandparents and Holly joined us for this Easter celebration.
We..........ate Ham and Potatoes, Mac salad, Fruit and Feta Salad.....and.....Hot Rolls!  Mmmmmmm
Then we had an indoor easter egg hunt because it was RAINING outside.  The eggs were filled with candy and questions...some lighter questions like.... "What's your favorite season?"  or  "What would you do if you had a million dollars?" (Holly would buy Steve Earkle DVD's....just so you know) some more spiritual type questions like..."Share your thoughts on the Atonement."  or "What does Joseph Smith mean to you?"  It was interesting and inspiring to hear the different answers as we shared around the family circle.  I feel so blessed to have my parents and Wayne's mom join with us on these family nights.  It's so good for my kids to hear their grandparent's testimonies and see what great examples they are of goodness in their daily lives.
We watched the Easter video messages found on, then Wayne gave an inspiring mini lesson on Christ's ministry and the atonement.   HE is a good preacher.
Coloring Eggs and Frosting egg shaped sugar cookies topped off the evening.  The sugar cookies were a delish dessert!!

 As a parting gift... I made up the Easter M&M poem and put it together with bags filled with m&m's.
I found the poem on line..... I don't know who made it up originally.
"As you hold these candies in your hand,
and turn them, you will see
the "M" become a "W"
an "E" and then a "3"

They tell the Easter story~
I'm sure it's one you know
~It happened on the cross, 
a long, long time ago.

The "E" is for "Easter"
a time for us to ponder!
The "M" is for the miracles.
Jesus performed signs and wonders.
The "3" is for the third day
when Jesus rose again.
"W" is for worship
He cleansed all sin for men!

So, as you eat these candies
or share them with a friend,
Remember the meaning of Easter.
It's a love that never ends!”

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