Sunday, April 3, 2011


Monson got a stuffed ball-Bear for Christmas, during the White elephant- but no cheap crap- exchange. 
I thought he would be rolling his eyes and stashing this treasure in the next garbage can.
I was wrong.
 He was thrilled and immediately named his bear, Winston.  
Monson treats Winston like his own son.    
He seat belts him into his car............and...... 
 takes him to school..........
I'm sure his teachers are thrilled. 
 Monson assures me they all love it, and when Winston comes into the room he gets a holler...."Winston!"  (Just Like Norm from Cheers)
Apparently Winston is more popular than Monson.

Winston has participated in numerous photo shoots.
Winston likes to work out.
He is a "bear" around town.....picking up the Ladies
He gets sick and has to get his nose wiped.
                                                    Winston works on his homework.

The other night we sat down to dinner and Monson brought Winston him a little plate and set him up on a stool at his side. 
 It was comical. 
 My big, tough, son helping out his stuffed animal. 

Winston even has his own Facebook page

He is going on the Choir trip too........ ( did you see my eye roll?)

On a Non-Winston Note...........Laila continues to make me laugh.  My friend Annett reported a recent conversation exchange she had with Laila.

L:  Annett, will you get me a drink of water?
A:  Laila, You know where the cups are, you can do it yourself.
L:  Hey.............When did I stop being a guest?


Anonymous said...

It makes Baby seem slightly Handi--but I love it! Kid makes me laugh.

Kimi said...

Monseee is always playing against type--it's what makes him so loveable and hilarious.

I love how they both have the same smile/expression in the first photo.

I love me some Monseee!