Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birds and the Bees

"Laila do you know where babies come from?"


"Where........ and....what do you know about  it..........?"

"I know it's spelled S.   E.    and you have to whisper the X part.  It's something the kids at school giggle at and then the teachers say we  aren't supposed to talk about it.  It has something to do with puberty?"

That was exactly what she said.  

It was time  for "the talk."

With recent happenings in our neighborhood......with a little friend at Laila's school, I knew I had put this important talk off long enough.   But I rationalized.............

She's my baby.....and I want to keep her little as long as I can. 

Plus, I already told her about Santa Claus; she didn't need any more new information.   

I could have stayed in my la- la land forever....hoping in my mother's heart that my child could stay innocent............but.........

When we got married, Wayne and I made a deal....he would tell what ever sons we had about the birds and the bees and I would tell the daughters.  4 boys later, he has done all of the talking. 
 Now it was my turn.
   Prayed about it. 
Went to the library.
 Got books. 
 Looked online.  
I wanted to do this right.

It was actually a lot of fun for me....and Laila handled all of the information thoughtfully.  She was most interested in the the sperm, egg, baby growth part...and how it really came out of a mommy's tummy. 
 The pictures helped.
  She was really confused on how the sperm meets up with the egg in the first place.

 "That body part just looks so floppy!?!"

I explained.  
She looked concerned.

More conversations will be needed.  
Atleast we have opened the door.


bre and add said...

Melinda! That's hilarious! Oh wow. You should realty look into the tv special, " sizing up sperm". It helped me out a lot! Ha! Oh lai... :)

Jill said...

our talk with Abby was hilarious too. Right after we explained it she asked us "Well,what if I just get pregnant and it's not my fault!" Then back to square one again. It took getting very detailed for her to get it. Hopefuly she really did get it. We still get funny questions.

Laur said...

And the winner for the best blog post of the year goes to.... MELINDA WELCH for The Birds and the Bees.

Rachelle said...

WHOA! I certainly fear reaching that stage with any of our children, but better the parent than someone else. I liked the "floppy" part- I can't stop laughing. thanks for sharing!

Cami said...

I think we're all a little concerned about the floppy body part! :) Dang I'm going to miss seeing you three times a week!

Stecky said...

I love your blog.....that said, since we are on the subject, I have looked at your bucket list and there is one thing on there that I am afraid to check back and see if it has an 'X' by it. I am not going to drive by your house late at night! I would never be able to look at Wayne again...

MCC said...

Fah hUN NY! Oh Lai, you make me giggle and to think that you mom actually posted day ever!