Sunday, March 20, 2011

Step forward with Faith.....

.................Addison and Bre are great examples of this.

Add and Bre got married on very little money, a hope and a prayer.  Even with no income, school scholarships, and little time to work, they were determined to apply for the Theatre Study Abroad program with BYU.  They were accepted and thrilled about this upcoming adventure.  
The problem.
How to pay for it?

They have been doing everything in their power to make money for this experience.  They moved in to Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Lyle's basement in an effort to save rent money.  They have sold Bre's car.  Bre continues to find some time to put some hours in at her father's optical office.  Add has detailed car interiors, house/ baby sat kids,  given plasma,  done odd jobs for people.......any service they could think of and offer to make more money. 

As the different payment deadlines came into view, they always seemed to have just that exact  amount of money to cover it. 

They are really "offering" all they can to make this happen. 
 Even when day to day life and circumstances are telling them  it's not going to work,
they are moving forward with faith, knowing that it will.

  The Lord has blessed them with opportunity and lovely people around to hire them.  The Lord also blessed them with unexpected grant money to help on their adventure.  
WOW-- .
---A total answer to prayer.

They are going to have an amazing time on their London Honeymoon.
Now they can actually eat and see shows while they are there.

I am proud of them.
What good examples they are of this step forward with Faith  principle.

Addison's life motto:  "Do Good, Don't Worry, Trust God"

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Kimi said...

I love how I'm surrounded by the best people! So many good examples all around me. Should start to rub off soon I'm hopin'. *wink*