Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is where I just ramble.........

I am loving the new garment fabric and style......ClarinessaII........ I believe it is called.  It's almost like shape smooth, with no lines to show.  We  went to the distribution center to get some and came out twirling our bags over our heads..........kind of like, Mormon Girls Gone Wild!

Truman is back on email and done with 6 weeks of slow, snail mail letter writing.  I much prefer the instant gratification of the internet...........regular mail is such a drag!

I guess it's official.  Monson is going to Dixie next fall.  We put a down payment on his housing today.  Now he just needs to get a JOB!!!


After a week of waiting in the early morning hours, only to be told..."the ipads are all gone".........Wayne scored two IPADS!!! He is so excited.  I am excited for his excitement.  More gadgets for the gadget man.

I like Snowshoeing.  I tried it for the first time this March. It was like a great walk out in the snow with sticks.  I didn't really use my poles (sticks) except to hold people back so I could be the leader.   Being the leader  while snowshoeing is over rated.  I kept having to turn my head to talk and then my feet would get all tangled up and I would fall over.
The Snow shoes are amazing though.  As soon as we took them off we sunk up past our knees in snow.
The Sticks aren't working..........


The SNow Bunny!

And one more thing............Thia and 4 other American Idol contestants have got to be voted off the island, before I can watch this show with any kind of enjoyment.


erin noelle said...

How boring that must have been being up in the canyons with all of those women. Ho hum. Not fun at all.

Sweet J said...

Seriously my bestie and I love buying we get all giddy and excited.

Si said...

hahahha. Erin. Funny.
I should have taped you trying to walk and talk. And fall. that was really funny.

Si said...

oh ps. CANNOT believe your comments about g's. Only you would post about new g fabric/style. you make me laugh.

Kimi said...

I hope your 4 are the same as my 4. One better not be Casey because I almost DIED last night when he got booted and then (SPOILER ALERT!) saved! Unacceptable! But, whew.

Yes, snowshoeing was fun!

Yes, the new garmies are awesome!

Yes, our husbands are so excited to have their overrated and unnecessary new gadgets! Hahaha!

Yay Monseee!

Yay for missionary emails!!!

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