Monday, March 7, 2011

Love me on a Sunday

The conversation at my house on Sunday morning.

Laila:  Monson I love you.   ( waiting )  .........Monson I love you.
...............( waiting)   Monson, I love you. ............... Don't you love me?

Monson :  You are being weird.

Laila :  I am not being weird I am telling you I love you.   ( waiting )
                   ( shouting)        Mom, Monson won't tell me he loves me.

Monson:  Laila, now you are really being weird.  Stop it.

Laila:  ( feeling sad)  Can I have a hug?

Monson : tell you I love you every morning on my way to school.

Laila:  Well I need to know you love me on a Sunday too.

Monson:  Don't be weird.........

Monson and Laila's relationship is a strange one. 
 Monson was the youngest child in our home for 9 years. 
Now Laila has been the youngest child in our home for 9 years. 
 Two youngest children does not a happy home make. 
 They are like fire and ice, summer and winter, showtunes and rap.  
 The crazy arguments and fights that I have to listen to  settle are amazing.


Landon said...

Ahahaha, Oh how I love these two!
What a funny convo, why did I miss this? Sheesh

Cengiz 2.1 said...

holy cow... the fact that laila is nine!! what happened to her being 4??

Kimi said...

I love Laila! On a Sunday, even!