Saturday, March 26, 2011

Marcie is 50!

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” Marion C. Garretty

I can't believe my Sistie is Fifty! 

 I found this great poem, by Suzy Toronto, that expresses what my relationship is like with my Sweet,  Sister Marcie..............
They Who Are Sisters
You've been through it all....
Growing pains, sibling rivalry, teasing,
Clothes swapping,
Boys, family vacations....
Even Mom's "Tuna Surprise."

You didn't choose each other...
Fate took care of that.
Bound by blood and upbringing,
You've shared experiences
That have shaped you 
Into the women that you are.
Alike in so many ways, yet so different.
Sometimes you question
Whether you came
From the same gene pool
Much less the same planet.
But an eternal bond
That transcends friendship
Fuses you together
With a never-ending
unquestionable love.

Bottom line....
She really is the one you can call
At four in the morning.
She really is the one that's always there...
Thick or thin, no matter what!
And you thank God you have a sister.

Me, Marc and Mom......
I will always be grateful for the vigil Marcie kept with me, in the hospital, that horrible night Laila was fighting for her life after her head injury.  
Wayne was stuck in China.  
Marcie...was at my side.
Happy 50!

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MCC said...

Love you. What a wonderful poem. You're next!