Tuesday, March 1, 2011


MARCH madness has set in......(mad always follows nice, right?)

My Goal for MARCH.......hmmmm???

We went to a Marriage conference for our Valentine's weekend.   John Bytheway and his wife spoke about Lasting marriage.  One of the points they made was Choose to be Delightful.  They told about a friend of theirs who was in a car accident.  She almost died, but survived with a broken  pelvis in 8 places.  She was married with kids. ( I wish I could remember her name.)    As she was working through her recovery process, she was at home, dragging her body around with her walker, and her little son asked for some cold cereal.  She started to cry, because she was in pain, and because she needed to be waited on, not be waiting on others.  At this point she had an epiphany...  she said, "I am a physical wreck right now, I don't have to be an emotional wreck too."
It hit her so strongly that she was in charge of choosing her attitude, and right then and there, she was going to choose to be DELIGHTFUL!

I loved this.
It rang true to me on so many levels.
For March.... I am going to choose to  BE DELIGHTFUL.  
I don't know how I am going to track this to know if I am accomplishing it.....
Any ideas?

What else is adding to my  March Madness, happiness,  crazy joy?
My only bro-- Adam's birthday is today.  He  is my hero in many ways.  He always has a joke on his lips, a kind word to say, and a great bear hug.

My big sis Marcie's birthday is also in March... she is truly the Ultimate Mother in Zion.... I love and admire her so much.

My Anniversary is on March 21st.... I am really looking forward to this.  We have some random acts of kindness ideas floating around to celebrate 28 years of marriage.

MUSTACHE March is here as well.....in honor of Truman!

Plus Spring will Spring by on the 22nd, and an early Daylights Savings time moves in  on the 13th.....wow, talk about Delightful!


Jill said...

Melinda, When I think of you I always think you are delightful! I loved that story too!

Lesley said...

Melinda you truly are delightful, and your blog posts are motivational as well.

Kimi said...

Way to pick a no-fail goal. You are perpetually delightful!

Hmmm....maybe I'll make a goal to be mediocre. Then we could both ace our goals this month-haha!!!

You delight me!