Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 28th

We got married on a Monday, 28 years ago.  Wow!  Time sure flies when you are having a life.  
This is what we looked like then............

And now..........  
Wayne and I take turns being in charge of our Anniversaries. 
 This works out great for him....because he plans getaways and  I get a trip at least every other year. 
 On my non trip year, I have to come up with stuff to do. 
 This year we decided on RAOK as our theme. 
   ROAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. 
 I liked the idea of doing at least 28 ROAK to celebrate our being together.  
Wayne-- always the good sport, agreed. 

We saw The Adjustment Bureau at the Movie theatre. This was a random movie, and we filled up on popcorn and diet coke.  It was a kindness to each of us, because we hadn't seen a movie in a very long time....and there was acting in it.  Not exactly a random act of kindness....but it was close.
We went to Costco to get our supplies ......Roses and Gum!
I had made up a little poem to hook onto the flowers  and gum.  
Love is Good
Marriage is Great
Have a little treat
As we celebrate our 28th
We had  plans to put our gifts together and then walk around parking lots etc...and hand them out to random people. Well, it was freezing, we couldn't stand outside;  the wind was blowing, so we couldn't leave it on people's wind shields either.    
We drove around in our Prius, and handed stuff to people out of our window. 
"Here, this is for you....Have a Great Day!"
 It worked  pretty good.  It was fun to see all of the varied reactions.  
We laughed a lot.
Some, once they read the poem, shouted  back at us...."Happy Anniversary!"
Our next random act was to go through drive through eating places and pay for  food orders from cars behind us in line.  
This was a blast.   
We liked it so much we did it twice.  

We got a kick out of  being in a Prius and paying for the guy in the Mercedes behind us. 
We also loved helping the "beater" car...........
We ended up out at Sushi Time in Sandy-- Our neighbors awesome restaurant....the Hahms.   
(Wayne kind of looks asian in this picture...maybe that's what eating too much sushi does?)
We have been together since we were 16 years old....... 
 I love my Wayne.
......He puts up with my Random, he is Kind and Acts like he loves me too.


Si said...

So you.
Happy Anniversary!

Landon and Josh said...
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Souza Family said...

Happy Anniversary!

Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

Hilarious!...the guy in the Benz was probably insulted. LOL. What a fun way to celebrate. We celebrate No. 8 in just a few weeks and I hope we are going strong at 28 like you guys.

Love ya!

Landon said...

So cute I love it. And Love you both

Sweet J said...

Seriously???? You are my hero...oh and your husband. You two are the greatest!!!!

Jill Welch said...

What a great way to spend your 28th! Happy Anniversary..

Lesley said...

What a great idea!! You two are awesome. Both of you are very inspiring.

Kimi said...

You are RANDOM and KIND and also a great ACTor! So, perfect!

Happy Anniversary!