Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This game has been fun for me.
 I have enjoyed the guesses and comments in person and online.  
It was actually a topic at a lunch as well.   
( I want all of my blogging friends to do this game on their blogs, so I can guess.)  
So what's the LIE?

TRUTH---1.  I  have had my skirt fall off while singing and dancing. I was in Student Prince at Weber State.  I was a freshman chorus member.  I was supposed to be a German frauline ( spelling?)  serving ale to the students and singing.   My hands were filled with a mug and a tray.  I could feel my skirt slipping down, but before I could empty my hands and grab it, it went straight to the ground, and I was left in my tan nylons, character shoes and little else.  The Audience roared.  I  just scooped my skirt back in place, kept singing, and couldn't wait to dash off stage.  Ah, the theatre!!!

TRUTH--2.  I can grow a mustache.  It's just sad that NO ONE--except Laila-- picked this as the lie.  So I guess you have all seen my little black hairs that cause me so much grief.  If I was on Survivor I would take tweezers and a mirror as my "can't live without" items, otherwise, before I could get voted off the island I would look like the bearded lady at the Freak Show.    And, yes.... I have tried Lazer Hair removal....5 times.....

LIE---3.  I know every word to ACDC's song, Anything Goes.  I don't even like nor ever have listened to  a Hard Rock song from beginning to end........but I do know every word to Cole Porter's, Anything Goes.  I love Broadway, baby!

TRUTH--4.  I have traveled to 30 United States. THIS IS TRUE!  I can't wait to add to my state list.  I really want to go to Alaska, on a cruise, of course; and I would love to visit Boston, MA...and do the Autumn Leaf tour up through Vermont and Maine.  

TRUTH--5.  I was never going to have children.  This is just plain silly and selfish, but true.   I am glad I changed my mind. My kids bring me so much joy, and I can't imagine my life without  them.  (It helps having the 5 best children ever sent to earth.)

TRUTH--6.  I have seen the changing of the Guard outside Buckingham Palace.  
 I was with my much older sistie, Marcie.  We were only in London for two days and were enjoying all of the touristy things.  We got to Buckingham Palace early and got our spots outside the gate.  At the appointed hour, a live orchestra brought out chairs and set up.  They played songs as we watched the guards, precision march and  change.  The funny part is the first song played was, I  Feel Pretty, from West Side Story.  We looked at each other and laughed.   We were standing by an exasperated American family from Brooklyn--- Mom and Dad and a teenage boy.  The entire time the Mom kept hollering at the boy to come and "check out the guards.    Get over here.  Get away from that tree and get over here.  We didn't bring you all the way here just so you could not see this.  Come and see this.  Get over here."  
"Ma... I don't wanna, " he would holler back in his Brooklyn accent.
 The boy never came over.    
 Love this memory.

Good guessing everyone.


Cengiz 2.1 said...

ah blast. too bad i didn't see this before you posted the answers. fun. i think i will do it too

Lesley said...

I guessed wrong... but I did do it on my blog!! Way fun Melinda!!

Sweet J said...

Melinda....let me educate you in the ways of hard rock....

Kimi said...

YES!! What did I win???