Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thinking Thin revisited

My Thinking Thin approach isn't working so far.
I posted rules one and two on my fridge, for awhile, but they got covered over with school papers and wedding invites. (1. When eating focus on the food. 2. Let hunger happen.) One day I'll do more than just post the rules.....I'll actually remember them and live by them.
I'm going to do better at this some day, maybe this week?, or maybe even today?

The next set of rules:

3. Indulge - deliberately
4. Slow down

I'm usually deliberately indulgent-- just not in food. I eat randomly and quickly so as not to notice how much I'm consuming. Rule 4 is all about slowing down and being aware of what's going in my mouth.

Both good ideas.
I know thin people eat and think this way, whether they know it or not.

I've been on my food and weight roller coaster for years now......one day I will get off of this thrill ride.
I'm posting.....the rules.
I'm re-upping for another week.
8 weeks to swim suit weather!
I can do it!!!!

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