Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Si's fault!

I had one hour today of actually thinking about exercise and eating good food.....it passed quite quickly.

I set my alarm clock to get to the gym before six.... I then hit the snooze, did not go to the gym and slept til seven....so much for thinking thin.
I didn't get up and go because I didn't have any one to get up and go with.
Si is sick.
As a result I'm blaming Si for my chubbiness. It's okay, I called and told her that she was responsible for my chub....she's good with it.

We are trying for an early morning gym experience on Wed.....I find that knowing someone is out side in a cold car waiting for me, good motivation to get out of bed and go.

I did get on the scale this morning.. I haven't done that since March. I didn't scream too loudly at my expected weight gain.

I know, I know... it takes exercise and conscious eating, oh , and positive self talk....

I'll think about it tomorrow.

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Si said...

Gee. I was just thinking about calling you and backing out on our morning appointment. Guilt guilt guilt. jk. See you at 5:30. A. M. :)