Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Laila Book

My Dad and Mom
Written by Laila Welch
Illustrated by Laila Welch
( I took the liberty to take out the darling phonetic spelling, but it really is cute how she thinks some words are spelled.)

This is my dad and my dad is so funny and he is a tickle monster and he tickles me so much I laugh so hard and he is married to my mom, Melinda.
My dad does a lot of things and he goes to his job every day except ( Laila spelling: itss ept) Sunday and I love my dad.
So we are going to talk about my mom.
So we are talking about my mom.
My mom is so funny too and so hilarious (hlaereeis)
So I laugh so hard my head could roll off and my mom goes to her job and she is a teacher at the high school ( hice schooll) and she is a dancer too.
She is in a play right now and every night I watch her do the show and she is always good.
The end

There you have it....
Just in case you ever wondered what Wayne and I ask Laila and she can show you the book.


heidi said...

Oh that's great! Laila is such a creative girl!! I love seeing all the things she comes up with! :)

Dede said...

Fer cute!! That's adorable:-)