Friday, April 24, 2009

Addison's eye and Summer Stock

I am waiting for Addison while he has an operation on his eye this Friday morning.

He has a tumor in his right eye lid. We have had it removed two other times, but it just keeps growing back. It puffs up and blurs his vision and is painful. When it’s puffy, he looks like Quasimoto….he just needs to ring a bell and hunch a bit.

We are trying to get him healthy and ready to send away this summer to West Yellowstone. He gets to go and be in 3 musicals at the Playmill theatre for 4 months. He’ll be in Guys and Dolls, Footloose and the Secret Garden.

I did summer stock theatre for the two summers I was waiting for Wayne to get back from Argentina, and LOVED it. It's a challenge to keep the lines from three different shows straight and in your head all at the same time.

"Who am I tonight?"

"What show are we doing?"

I remember my feet aching, hurting like they never have before or since. It was rough being in character and tap shoes all day…dance, dance, dancing. I would hobble to and from the rehearsal hall…but when I got on stage the pain went away and the excitement and joy began.

One summer I was thin, thin, thin….and the next I couldn’t stop eating. The costumer was mad at me because my costumes all had to be let out, or added to by the middle of the run.

Maybe that's what I need now....a personal costumer to let my clothes in and out....hmmmm?

It really is so awesome to have entire days consumed by theatre….something I love….and Addison shares this love.

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