Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday in April

1. I'm thankful April Fools day came and went without too many pranks fallen for or feelings hurt. I tried to "get" Laila by putting some food coloring in the bottom of her cereal bowl, then when she poured the milk over , it would turn everything blue. The problem was, she chose Cocoa Krispies, which turn the milk brown we ended up with a grayish brown surprise there. I was disappointed and turned to the oldest trick in the book. I screamed...."There's a spider!" Laila jumped as fast as I have ever seen her right on top of the table. Then when I hollered, "April Fools!" she started to cry. Not funny....oh well.
I had plans to make a spaghetti dinner and serve it straight on the table, no plates or silver ware....but we ran away to see a movie instead.
Monsters and Aliens was supposed to begin at 7:50--- actually it was 7:30 ( My eyes are getting bad) so we were late and decided to get hamburgers instead. The switched movie time was a pretty good April Fools trick on me. The boyfriends and Laila were mucho disappointed...good thing 5 guys Burger and fries made up for it.

2. I'm thankful I'm not pregnant. I was hanging out with my preggo friend yesterday...I'm so excited for her and she makes a darling pregnant lady....but I'm glad I'm done with that part of my life. Laila has been wanting a little sister lately.
I told her, " I am too old to have any more kids, and we will just have to wait for grand babies. "
She told me,
"You're not too old. What about that lady in the Bible? She was over 100!!"
Poor Sarah......

3. I'm thankful I don't have a pierced navel.

4. I'm thankful for Pajama Church....Conference weekend is coming, and I'm sooooo looking forward to it.

5. I'm thankful.


Anne Bradshaw said...

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This time there is a choice of prizes from author and country singer, Patti Miner.

Hope you have time to hop on over and take a peek :-)

Si said...

bahahahaha. That bit about making Laila cry was so funny. Good job, Mom.