Monday, April 20, 2009

Hard Job?

Caution: The following should not be read by any Full-time-outside -of-the-home working mother. It will only make you mad at me. I warned you......

I am in the “hard” part of my job…if there is a hard part. As an online school teacher, We are busy with end of level testing. We have 1,000 students who are part of this online school . They are scattered all across the state. We have 4 areas of testing that takes up 12 full days, from Ogden to St. George. It’s crazy when I’m so used to being home all day, checking on the computer and answering emails…calling on the phone, etc….to now be up and dressed and out the door by 7:30am and not home until 5:00.

It’s tough on me.

I don’t know how mother’s who work outside of the home do it. Many things have to slide. I don’t know how I’m going to fit exercise into these testing days…. I guess I’ll have to work out at night, if I’m not too exhausted.

It’s a good thing I’ve trained my family not to expect dinner…so this is no hardship for them. It’s a good thing they do their own laundry and drive their own cars. The only one I have to remember that I’m a mother to, is my Laila. (Please help me remember that I have a seven year old-- please help me remember!!!!....I'm really serious about this.)

I love my job. I feel so blessed to have landed here. It’s great to be in charge of my own schedule most of the time…and to work all day in my exercise clothes, if I want to. It’s great to work with other ladies that I love and have fun with. It’s great to help families and children. It's great and ……

it’s hard…..

PS-- I should have told "Spring" off weeks ago...the weather is lovely now. I didn't realize I had such can all thank me later.

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