Saturday, April 11, 2009

Choir trip

I just got back from chaperoning my 5th choir trip in the past 6 was exhausting.
Bountiful High A'capella Choir went to San Diego and Anaheim to sing and play. We had two buses filled with crazy, screaming kids.

Going to California I thought I was going to have to poke my eyes out... or maybe poking my ears out would have been a better option.... I was in so much sleepless pain. I couldn't get comfortable. I needed ear plugs or another pillow to drown out the bus noise... We had a few noisey kids who couldn't sleep so they delighted in making sure all those around them couldn't sleep either. Plus stopping every 2 hours for the bus drivers and potty....means I slept just like a baby- up every two hours and crying!!!

I don't remember caring so much about my sleep before.....I must be getting old.

We had amazing weather and San Diego was just awesome. I got to be with my Truman. I got a great farmer's tan at Sea World and seeing Shamu was great fun as well. I got to be on this trip with my good friend Laura-- we shared many laughs. I got to eat great food in Old Town and the kids were mostly good.

At this point, I had forgiven them all from my sleepless first night.

The choir sang in a workshop at Nazarene University and sang in many a cathedral and was lovely. I cried. The resonance and rebounding acoustics made them sound triple their size. It was so fun to be there.

We zoomed up to Anaheim and had 3 more nights in Anaheim. The choir got to sing on a Disney land stage and then have a workshop with a Disney vocal coach. It was a great experience.

Then...terrorists happened...actually 8 choir boys with t shirts over their faces and fake indian accents. (My son included.) Can you say high school prank gone bad. They covered themselves up and had a key to the room of boys next door, and sneaked in at 2 in the morning with shaving cream...all was funny, until the cops happened to be in the parking lot and looked up to to the 4th floor of the motel and saw some crazy masked men descending on a room....
Well the boys were busted by 7 cops.
Guns were pulled and hands ordered on heads with pockets emptied out....the director was called and the boys chewed out... The only real thing they did, when all was said and undone, was they left their room after curfew.... curfew breakers.

Oh, it was a non-beautiful thing to be told about this the next morning. I could have killed Tru.
These boys became the lepers on the trip . No one wanted to have any guilt by association at this point, so pretty much no one was hanging out with them.

It was truly bad luck that the cops were in the parking lot at that exact time....bad timing.

It was truly sad for Tru.

Well, the trip was mostly great. The weather was fabulous. And all would have been grand had not the shaving cream terrorists shown up.

I'm just glad to be home and look forward to being in my own bed after another sleepless bus ride.
Choir trips are crazy!!


Melanie said...

I am so jealous of the fun trip and still so sad we didn't see you. I thought for sure we would just run into each other, but no that didn't happen!

Kimi said...

I don't know what the cops' problem was --they were WAAAAY more Ninjas than Terrorists! A case of double-mistaken-identity.

Also, Tanner is both Tanner AND tanner. Melinda is just tanner. I am neither Tanner nor tanner. Where is MY sun? Where is my SON? Oh, nevermind, he's here. But where is my SUN?! I want to be tanner! (It wouldn't be so bad to be Tanner, either, but I really just want to be tanner!)

Excuse me, Melinda, I just vomited words. On your blog.