Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sharkeys and Gilardis are HERE

Welch Week April 2, 2017
Pajama Church:  Wayne, Melinda, Christiana, umberto Angela, Santino Gilardi, Lexi, Laila, George and Eileen Sharkey, Monson.
Oh my, I am feeling so blessed right now.  We have had our Scottish visitors here since Thursday night…. The Sharkeys and Gilardis are  “magical” people and continue to influence me and my children in so many ways. I'm again so thankful that Mom and Dad served in Scotland…this mission has changed all of our lives.   Having George and Eileen around feels so much like having my Mom and Dad here and the Gilardis have such strong faith and sharing their testimonies is just a part of who they are.   We have watched or attended conference sessions with them…. Priesthood session Wayne, George, Umberto and Santino sat on the SECOND row…in the Monson family seats—the Gilardis are  friends of Pres. Monson's brother….had meals together, shopping, and just visiting…or having a “wee blather”  over and over.  We had our shared talent night after priesthood session, with Addison, Bre, Me, Laila, Monson, George, Eileen and Christiana all singing or rapping, just like old times when Mom  and Dad were alive.   I’m just in heaven.  We have George and Eileen upstairs in Laila’s room ( Laila is back in the Pink bedroom) and Umberto, Angela, Christiana and Santino Gilardi have the entire basement.  It’s working out great.   We will leave them this afternoon and start our Spring break fun…but we will be back for next Sunday where they will all attend our YSA ward, then we will say good bye. 

Tears...of course when we first meet and greet and Hug on Eileen and George.  Laila is ecstatic!  We really can't believe they are in Utah.  Their traveling days were over...we thought. 

Christiana gave Laila a makeover and did some Glam makeup 

Eileen spoiled Laila with an Alex and Ani bracelet that says Braves for our new Bountiful Brave.  

Eileen taught Alfie the song "Running Over"  Alfie shared a "secret" with Eileen.
Eileen shared a funny Nolan , her grandson who’s 4 story.  Eileen was teaching a boy in their ward who was 10 and going to bet baptized about the word of wisdom.  She had Nolan with there.  When she was teaching about what we  don’t take into our bodies……coffee, alcohol etc….. Nolan piped up , “and Whiskey Gran.  You drink Whiskey and you will die.”  Eileen didn’t know where this came from.  Later she asked him who taught him that and he said, “You did Gran.” Eileen had no recollection of this.  Nolan said, “You know in the song you taught me….Drinking Whiskey and rye , singing this will be the day that I die?”   So Funny!  Eileen sings “Bye bye Miss American Pie” in the car with Nolan as they travel around… Nolan is a smart boy and really took the lyrics to heart. 

Umberto, Wayne, George and Santino Gilardi.  This was Santino's first priesthood meeting.... and they went to the Conference center sat in the Thomas S. Monson famiily seats.. the 2nd row.  Amazing. 

George is so great…. he loves watching Laila’s tumbling videos and is amazed at the courage it takes to even start doing a tumbling run.  He related to Laila  how she can use this courage and conviction in other areas of her life as well.  They had a great discussion.   He is a true gentleman…and I am so grateful for his love and influence.

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