Friday, April 28, 2017

What are you doing right now?

Well.... I'm at the end of my work day, feeling a little lonely since Wayne is in China and Laila is at Cheer and no one else is in my house.  I'm watching mindless Tv....and... so I sent out a family plea... Send me a pic of what you are doing RIGHT NOW.

I am watching Super Store.  I've been busy with School testing, and paperwork and phone calls.  I'm trying to keep my nights booked so I don't miss Wayne so much.  I have seen 4 plays, gone to a memorial for Jenessa Bowen, did a High Fitness work out class twice and helped Si Foster with a cooking demonstration!    

Laila is at BHS Cheer... she fell during  a stunt and got a big scratch on her back.  She's pretty tough though.  Laila has tumbling and cheer taking up a lot of her time. She is working on her online school classes as well and trying to catch up on her sleep.
Wayne is in a Taxi heading to the airport.  It takes him a few days to finally get home from China.. layovers and what not.  He  is ready to be home and trying not to feel so jet lagged.  He comes home and jumps right back into Bishop-ing, which is really all consuming for him.

 Truman is in Hawaii vacationing with is friend Van Welch and they stopped and had lunch with cousin's Stuart and Emily Wolthuis.   Hawaiian Ice, sky diving, beach time and palm trees.
 Monson is home from his work with VISA and is watching the NFL draft...  Tayla is being a charmer, of course, playing at Analise and Packer Morley's house.  Lexi isn't feeling very good.  Lexi got home from a weekend in Las Vegas with friends seeing the Back Street Boys concert.  She and Monson are homeless still.... 2 months now...waiting for the plumbing, pipes and flooring to be replaced  in their basement apartment so they can move back in.  They are being spoiled at the Morley house though with all of the kids for Tayla to play with and all of the young mothers for Lexi to talk to.

Bre is trying not to feel so sick and exhausted. She just finished filming an infomercial for Ryan Seacrest.  Addison is walking in from the mail box...not very exciting although he reports he did exciting things ALL DAY.  Alf is playing with silly putty.  Photography, ART , singing and Theatre keep these guys really busy.

  Landon just walked out of the LONGEST meeting of his life and is ready for his work day to be done. He is his own boss at Buzelli Behavioral.... he goes into different charter and public schools and helps with special needs kids and makes sure Behavioral plans are in  place.
Sophia and Andrew are busy with Karate and Musial theatre class...and piano practice.      So....basically the only one not shown is ALEX.....but I know he is busy earning money so they can officially purchase and move into a new home in Riverton this June.

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