Sunday, April 16, 2017

BHS Cheer and Tumbling

Laila read her letter in the car and then SQUEALED ...she was so relieved.  KP was so excited for her.  KP read her letter at home, then Laila ran to KP's house and they hugged and cried

It’s been a wild week…first Laila had cheer clinics all week.  She had to be at the school conditioning which included running from BHS up the Millstreet hill to the top and back, and learning  the school song, a dance routine, a jump sequence and stunt work from 4-6:30 every day..then Friday from 3- 7 were the tryouts. 
  Laila had to  take 10 cheer treats-- "It's O-Fish-al you are a great part of our team." hooked to gold fish cracker packages.  Take 10 sport treats - mandarin oranges with black lines drawn on to look like basketballs  placed in a clear net shaped cup with "Go Basketball..Nothing but Net!"    Make a Poster... She delegated that to Addison... 

She had to make up and perform an Original Cheer..
Oh, Bountiful of you we're Proud
We like to sing and shout it Loud.
The Red and Gray our colors fly
You lift the Brave school spirit high
In victory we stand above
So Glorious this school we love

Red and Gray
Bountiful Braves  (repeated 3 times)

It was exhausting and stressful and made it all worth it when Laila and her BFF Katelyn Pattison both made the Bountiful High Cheer team.  What a relief.   

Laila had her State tumbling competition on Saturday..she was exhausted but still did well.  She took 3rd in Floor and 1st in Double mini. She has regionals in Las Vegas in May.

some of the FUZION team

Kiersten Nelson and Laila compete together in the same levels.  

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