Friday, April 14, 2017

Wanda's Funeral

Bre took this photo of Wanee and Wanda Nov 2016.  They are priceless!
My sweet Aunt Wanda... Wanee's twin sister passed away on April 6th and her funeral was today.  I was so grateful to attend along with Wayne, Lindsey and Landon.
Wanda was celebrated as the Sunshine Chairman, a humble, spiritual being, and an Angel.  She truly was all of this.   I have been greatly influenced by this great Lady.  She supported me and my kids events and lives.  She read my Welch Week out loud to Uncle Dell every week..for years.  She would comment on how great or how loving my own little family was.   She came to all of my shows and was one of my biggest fans.  I always felt pure love from her.    Wanda did her own family newsletter every week and was a huge journal and record keeper.  She has an office with over 52 binders filled with thoughts and letters and talks she wrote and gospel doctrine lessons she gave.  What an amazing historian.

2 Nephi 25:26 is a perfect scripture to describe what Wanda's life was all about.  I changed the we to She.....

  "And she talked of Christ, she rejoiced in Christ, she preached of Christ, she prophesied of Christ, and she wrote according to her prophecies, that her children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins."

3 musical numbers were provided all with Home as the theme.  "Bring him Home"  "Going Home"  and  "Love at Home."   

Many of us can become more "angelic" as we age.  We slow down, are less judgmental, more loving, but Wanda and also Wanee have been angels their whole lives. 

Wayne with Mark and Don. Don and his quartet sang "Love at Home." Wayne and Mark were "favorite" cousins growing up.
 Wanee with Wanda's sweet, husband-- my Uncle Dell.  It's hard to be a widow.
 So many cousins came out to support.  Emily Welch Bennet, Kimberly Shurtz Brown, Lizzy Welch, Grandma Wanee, Tanisha Reynolds, Landon Welch Buzelli and Lindsey Welch Andrus.    They all felt tremendous love from Aunt Wanda....that was one of her talents.

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