Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Break Vacation

We just returned from our Carlsbad, California Spring Break vacation...and we had a great time.  We stayed in a beautiful resort called the Marbrisa by Hilton.  Angela, Guy and Preston joined us... so did Truman for 2 days.  We had a road trip with reading books, listening and singing to music, sleeping, eating junk food and just enjoying each other.  Laila got to bring her friend Katelyn Pattison (KP) along.

Taken from our window... 2 pools, three hot tubs...beautiful palm trees and view

 Here are some of the highlights:  
Day 1
Laila : Yelling "nipples" in Spanish in Casa de Bandini 
Kp:  making Melinda laugh really hard because of all the sand coming out of swimsuit. 
Wayne: singing in the car 
 Me :  Mexican food and laughing about all of the sand that came out of Kp's swim suit from being at the beach.  

Day 2 
Wayne :  Watching Laila. Kp. And Tru eat a full family size bag of lays chips. 
Laila:  boogie boarding with wet suits
Kp:  being almost drowned in the ocean because of the boogie boards
Me: sushi and mud face masks. 
Tru: being on the beach. Sound of ocean, horchata ice cream

Day 3
Laila: three frozen butter beers
Kp:  when the wand chose me at Olivanders
Try:  finding the drag queen Trixie shirt
Me:  starting day off with my first ever Voodoo doughnut (bacon and maple)
Wayne:  turkey leg 

Day 4:
Wayne:  baptisms 
Melinda: attack of the pigeons at Horton plaza 
Laila: Mexican coke, baptisms 
KP: churro from old town San Diego, baptisms

Day 5
Me:  sunset at the beach watching surfers and tide roll in 
Laila: pedicures 
KP: pie place- Betty's  pie whole saloon. 

Wayne: beating Katelyn at shuffleboard. Sitting by pool with new Bose headphones 

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