Sunday, August 26, 2012

My wonderful Sunday.....

Guess who came to Dinner?
                                            ALMOST ALL OF MY BOYFRIENDS!!!

                                                    AND MY GIRLS TOO!!!
The Welches are in the house!  Can I get a holler?!?!    Can't you just smell the roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy with raspberry trifle for dessert?
We had guests in town too, Jenny and Aaron Moss; Add and Bre's friends from Playmill.
They were trying to make sense of who all of our family looks like.
Addison takes after Grandma Welch's side...the Israelsens.   Monson looks like Grandpa Welch.  Truman is a Butters, and that leaves Landon to be a Cole... Laila chimed in, "...and I look like a Puerto Rican."   She is correct.   Love her.

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Lauren said...

Lai's comment just made me laugh out loud reading it! So glad that you had (almost) everybody! I get to take institute with Truman - super stoked about that too!