Monday, August 13, 2012

White Party

Landon had a  "White Party" in honor of his birthday ( last month)
Landon with Kyle and Richard
Cousins Rachel and Jenna-- Dancing Queens... love the hanging balloons.

We decorated with white balloons, white accessories, white table cloths and even had white food..sort of:  Coconut cupcakes, rice krispie treats, cucumber sandwiches, white key lime cookies , cheese cake and  white cranberry sparkling punch. He borrowed tea cups and saucers to eat off of.   It was very fun.

Playground, playing....

We set up a photo frame for pics.

Kirsten, Dave and Roman Smith and Charlotte, Mickey and Alex Larsen

Laura, Eric Belnap, Landon, Jon and Emilee Dahl

Taylor and Landon

Sean, Landon and Emily

Melinda and Mel Evans...the true Dancing Queens

 Everyone wore white--except for me and Wayne.  We didn't get an invite, we don't own white clothing ( except for.... you know)  and we figured we were the Help.
 Landon had about 30 friends and cousins come and support him, and had a dance party at the end.

 I think the White party could be an annual event.  I’m just sad that with all of this "white" food Landon ended up with a big headache.   

I told him next year to have a green party… I would have something to wear, we could decorate with kermit the frogs and we could serve green smoothies and no headaches.

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Melanie said...

Not good about the headache! Very fun party, but not worth a headache.